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Let me help you save money & the planet by Going Solar!

My name is Jason Azzi , with over 20 years of experience with top names in the market and fortune 500 companies. I know how important it is for a company to both commit and accomplish its mission and goals with its customers.

Sunrun showed me that not only we could serve our clients but also help them improve their quality of life.

The future is Solar, and I can help you get there.

Generate your own solar energy

Become less reliant on the utilities.

Personalized Service

I offer one-on-one consultations to guide you through all the benefits and details of solar. From understanding your energy bills to installation and more.

Custom Solar Design​

Each Sunrun solar system is custom designed to each home's unique energy profile and needs.

The Solar By JAZZI guarantee

Sunrun industry-leading guarantee gives you peace of mind for the life of your Sunrun solar system.

Use the sun to your advantage! Go Solar with Solar By Jazzi

SolarByJazzi because you deserve the white glove treatment

Your solar product,

Get your system size

Find out your solar cost and energy usage

learn about the incentives in your state

Lighting up a brighter, greener, better tomorrow.

You pay nothing. Zero. We cover your system’s maintenance, plus we take care of paperwork, scheduling, and more. With Sunrun, you’ll never pay a dime for repairs.

Our Monitoring Team oversees all Sunrun systems daily – monitoring each solar system’s production so you don’t have to think twice. If something happens, or your system performance dips, we are alerted and contact you ASAP to get it fixed.

We have you covered. Your Sunrun contract includes a roof warranty, which protects your roof from leaks or holes. Not all solar companies offer a comprehensive warranty like Sunrun!

Don’t worry. We have a world-class Customer Care team ready to help resolve any issues that may arise.

With SolarByJazzi, you will be educated every step of the way! I pride myself with the customer experience I provide to each client and I deal with everyone like family, after all we cannot build a brighter future without proper communication.

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Sunrun has you covered with an industry-leading, solar service package. By choosing SolarByJazzi powered by Sunrun, you are going with the best solar company in the market today. We have helped over a quarter of a million households go solar. We look forward to bringing you energy control and independence.

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