The 7 Steps to Going Solar

Navigating the world of solar energy can be intricate, and that is why I am here! These are basically the 7 steps in going solar and Solar By Jazzi will be with you each step of the way there!

1. Site Survey

An expert Sunrun Site Technician will visit to measure, review and finalize the plans we initially discussed. Just show them in and get back to your day.

2. Design Review

We follow-up to review any tweaks or changes to our initial plan and make sure you’re happy with the result.

3. Permitting

We’ll handle the permitting and paperwork with the city. We’ll let you know when everything is good to go. 

4. Installation

Your roof gets an upgrade! The average install will take about a day, but you just need to be there to let us in. 

5. City Inspection

Once your system is installed, we’ll schedule the inspection with the city. A representative will stop by to ensure the new system is up to code. 

6. Utility Connection

We’ll work with your utility to get everything connected. The utility will connect your system to the grid and may need to install a new meter. 

7. Power On

Flip the switch, sit back and put the sun to work for you! 

Why We Ask For Your Electric Bill?


Sunrun has you covered with an industry-leading, solar service package. By choosing Sunrun, you are going with the best solar company in the market today. We have helped over a quarter of a million households go solar. We look forward to bringing you energy control and independence.